“Barcelona should not be involved in political issues”

“Barcelona should not be involved in political issues”

Barcelona’s stern attitude towards Catalonia’s independence from the Kingdom of Spain provoked some of its supporters to speak up.

They asked the Blaugrana-based team to reduce political claims.

One of the bases of Barcelona supporters, Navarros del Barca, is an example.

“Barcelona has always been politically active since the era of President Joan Laporta, who should respect all members and supporters outside Catalonia by not getting involved in political issues,” said Navarros del Barca President Antonio J Perez.

However, Perez ensures that his community will not stop supporting Barcelona.

“We support Barcelona for loving this club, not for any political reason,” he said.

Perez is not the only one who states that.

One of the Barcelona fan communities in Alcala de Henares, a region near Madrid, expressed a similar view.

“Barcelona is a football club and we should be outside the football issue,” said Alejandro Jimenez, president of the community.

Barcelona is vocal voiced their attitude related to the polemic referendum of independence Catalonia.

They expressed a supportive attitude.

Blaugrana ask for the match Las Palmas held without spectators in La Liga continued.

Previously, they even requested the match was canceled as a protest because of the anarchist action of the apparatus who were about to disband the referendum participants.

The position of Barcelona was hanging. If Catalonia were truly free, they were unlikely to play in the Spanish league any more.

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