Gede Widiade: We Want Bobotoh Not Coming Later

Gede Widiade: We Want Bobotoh Not Coming Later

PT. New League Indonesia issued a ban for bobotoh Persib Bandung participate in supporting his team in classic contra fight Persija Jakarta at Patriot Chandrabhaga Stadium, Bekasi, Friday 3 November.

This is in line with the demand panpel Persija, who experienced the same thing when Persija visit Persibja headquarters in the first round ago.

“We were in Bandung appealed to West Java Police Chief so that no Jakmania present to Bandung. Now in Jakarta, we also ask for the same thing, “said Persija President Director Gede Widiade to the media on Wednesday (25/10).

PT. LIB will also send an appeal to the management of Maung Bandung to prohibit its supporters present at the stadium.

Gede said that his club has sent a letter to the Bekasi Police to issue recommendations for the classic game was held without bobotoh.

“From the Bekasi City Police has issued a letter of recommendation and will be forwarded to Polda Metro Jaya,” he added

Gede also said that the panpel has prepared additional security personnel to anticipate events that are dangerous during the game or after the game ended.

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