Immediately So Captain, Bonucci Defeat The Legend of AC Milan

Immediately So Captain, Bonucci Defeat The Legend of AC Milan

AC Milan’s decision to make Leonardo Bonucci as team captain in the 2017-2018 season is controversial and unorthodox. Since 1940, no new player has been directly appointed to wear the captain’s armband at the San Siro Agen Poker Online.

Bonucci immediately became captain of Milan in his first season of strengthening the Red-Black team. Bonucci just joined Milan this summer. He moved from Juventus in mid-July.

Throughout Milan’s history, there are only three players who immediately became captain in his first season. But it happened very long, that is in the early era of Serie A.

The perpetrators were Mario Magnozzi (1930), Carlo Rigotti (1933) and Bruno Arcari (1940). After Arcari, for more than seven decades there has never been a player who was directly crowned as the Rossoneri captain in his first season.

Even the seven legends of Milan have to wait longer than Bonucci before feeling the captain of the team. They are Giuseppe Meazza, Gunnar Nordahl, Nils Liedholm, Cesare Maldini, Gianni Rivera, Franco Baresi and Paolo Maldini.

Meazza takes one year. Joining Milan in 1949, Nordahl only became captain in 1954.

Nordussian compatriot Liedholm joined in unison in 1949. But Liedholm was believed to be a captain in 1956.

Cesare Maldini took seven years. His son, Paolo Maldini, even had to wait 12 years. Paolo began to strengthen Milan in 1985, but only became captain in 1997.

Rivera took six years, while Franco Baresi waited five years. These legends then won many titles with Milan.

Surely now a challenge for Bonucci to do the same.

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