Szczesny: Buffon The Best Goalkeeper Ever Had

Szczesny: Buffon The Best Goalkeeper Ever Had

Wojciech Szczesny said that Gianluigi Buffon was the best goalkeeper ever, he was looking forward to the times when he could study the veteran goalkeeper.

The Polish national team player officially joined the Bianconeri today, and after his official opening he spoke with JTV about the transfer.

“This is a great team, a team that is always present in the field to win,” Szczesny explained.

“It means not just a game, but every trophy. That’s what brought me here, I want to win the cup. I want to be a champion so I am here and I am ready to go forward. ”

“Is Buffon’s presence a factor? Yes, yes because I want to improve myself so there is no better chance to do that than practice with Gianluigi Buffon. ”

“He is one of the best goalkeepers, or the best, not just the history of Italian football but football around the world.”

“Now I have a chance to practice with him, I want to improve and learn from him.”

“I’m not finished yet, I’m a goalkeeper who always wants to improve. I’m excited, I want to be able to do something that seems impossible. ”

“I still have to improve on its consistency, because I want to be a goalkeeper at Buffon level, or at least approaching.”

“You have to reach that level in every game, not just in two or three matches per season. So I have to improve myself. “

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